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How to Order Contact Lenses Online

How to Order Contact Lenses Online

Our website allows you to order your contact lenses from the comfort of your own home and they will be delivered directly to your door! Follow the steps below and if you have any problems or questions give us a call on 02 6382 4000.

  1. Go to
  2. You can filter the results by
    • Brand
    • Usage Type (daily, fortnightly or monthly)
    • Supply Amount (3, 6 or 12 months)
  3. Click View Product to select your contact lenses (ensure you select the correct supply amount)
  4. Next, select whether you need right eye, left eye or both eyes supply and click Add to Cart
    • You will select both eyes unless you wear different types of lenses for each eye (e.g. astigmatism in one eye and sphere is the other)
  5. You will now automatically be directed to the checkout
    • If you need to order more contact lenses, click on the Buy Contact Lenses heading and repeat steps 2 and 3
  6. Click Checkout and enter your details
    • Ensure the patients name is complete (as this is how we will match you to your script)
    • Double check your postal address is correct as this is where your contact lenses will be sent
  7. Click Continue and you will be prompted to confirm your order and choose free delivery to your door or pickup from Young Eyes
  8. Click Confirm Order and you will be prompted to enter your payment details
  9. Enter your payment details and click Submit Payment, your payment will be processed, and your order will be sent to us
  10. You will receive a confirmation email from us and from Stripe to confirm your order and payment have been received
  11. You will receive your contact lenses to your door (generally within 5 business days) or if you chose pickup you will receive a message when they are ready to collect from Young Eyes
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Keeping Your Eyes Safe with Safety Glasses

Keeping Your Eyes Safe with Safety Glasses

At Young Eyes one of the most common reasons, we see people with a sore eye is related to lack of protection when working at home or at work.

The eyes are incredibly delicate, and a relatively minor injury can result in severe vision impairment. Ordinary eyewear cannot provide sufficient protection, particularly when using tools at home or work. Metal, Wood or Caustic Chemicals in the eye are the most common injuries we see.

The advent of Covid 19 has increased the risk of aerosol contact with the eye.

Wearing prescribed safety glasses can reduce the risk. Thankfully, there are prescription safety glasses that can substitute your own glasses while you're at work or at home in the shed or garden. There are now a large range of safety glasses which are comfortable and yet protective and approved by Workcover if that is what you require.

What you can do to prevent injury?

  • Always take a common-sense approach to hazardous activities whether at work or home to eliminate and control potential eye hazards.
  • Always wear certified safety eye protection if required. Never wear your normal glasses or sunglasses as a substitute for proper eye protection.
  • Make sure you get an eye test to ensure your vision is optimal for your task.
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