computer vision

Computer Vision

Our visual environment has changed a lot in the last decade. Digital devices are now considered a necessity, not an indulgence and also not just confined to the work environment.

Increased use of desktop computers, laptops, smart devices and computer gaming has led to new strains on our eyes. These tasks require our eyes to converge closely and maintain focus for long periods. This may lead to some difficulty maintaining focus.

You may have difficulty focusing in the distance, driving or just generally focusing when away from the screen. Sometimes you may notice doubling, or ghosting on the screen. Other symptoms may include headaches or tired eyes.

It is important to have a comprehensive assessment of your focusing and eye coordination abilities so preventative measures can be implemented. Failure to correct this problem in younger people has been shown through modern research to cause short-sightedness (myopia). This will result in persons having to wear glasses all the time to see in the distance.

There are many new lenses which are now available to help our eyes adjust to the demands placed on them which can prevent the computer strain syndrome.

Did You Know… you can help prevent the onset of computer strain syndrome.

Your computer should be set up so your eyes are at least 40-50cm from the screen.

It is important to have regular breaks away from the computer, at least every ten minutes, for a few moments with a longer break once an hour.

There is also some evidence recently that exposure to safe levels of sunlight in children releases the hormone melatonin and reduces the risks of myopia.

It is highly encouraged that children should undertake some outdoor activities to maintain their ability to focus in the distance.