dry eyes

Dry Eyes

Tears are necessary for overall eye health and clear vision, constantly produced to bathe, nourish, and protect the eye surface.

They wash away dust and debris and help protect the eye.

Symptoms of dry eyes can include:

Symptoms of dry eyes can include:

  • Burning sensation
  • Itchy and tired eyes
  • Heavy and aching sensations
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurred vision and gritty eyes
  • Sometimes watery eyes due to reflex tearing.

Dry eye syndrome has many causes:

  • it can be part of the natural aging process,
  • side effects of many medications,
  • some medical conditions.

Treatment for Dry Eyes

Treatment will generally be required for long periods or permanently. Generally, if treatment is stopped the symptoms will recur.

  • Eye drops generally are the main treatment – use frequently as directed by the optometrist.
  • Reduce direct exposure to ventilation from fans and air-conditioning.
  • Wear high quality wrap sunglasses and eye protection to reduce drying from the wind.
  • Use drops when using computers for extended periods.
  • We may advise you to use gels when going to bed to provide relief overnight.
  • Use the drops you have been recommended and at the correct rate – stopping or using cheap drops will ensure the dryness returns.
  • Warm compresses and massage.
  • Talk to your optometrist about diet and Omega 3 supplements.

Remember your eyes are like a plant – it needs watering – If you stop watering it will die. Failure to maintain treatment will ensure the tired gritty eyes will return.