Neuro Developmental Optometry

All Optometrists at Young Eyes have completed their Masters training in Neuro Developmental Optometry (previously called behavioural optometry).

Children and adults who come to our practice have extensive testing in the functioning of their vision not just reading the letters.

Visual Information Processing

Intelligent children can often struggle to perform well in the classroom. Sometimes this occurs because the child has not developed the 'building blocks' needed to enable them to understand what they are being taught. Visual perceptual testing aims to identify any age gaps in these 'building blocks' and is appropriate from primary aged school children upwards.


At Young Eyes, we perform a full eye examination and from these results, the optometrist will recommend what further testing needs to be conducted. Many children can easily read the 20/20 line of letters but can they effectively use their eyes together and focus and relax their eyes as needed in today’s computer based world.

These skills are needed to maintain clear vision without undue effort even under stress.

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