Why do I need glasses when I see perfectly well?

Why do I need glasses when I see perfectly well?

For success in school, children need more than just clear vision. They also need the eyes to move as a team, follow a line of print without losing their place and maintain clear focus. These skills are needed when they read or make quick focusing changes when looking up to the board and back to their desks.

Our eyes are designed to work as a team, but each eye functions independently. When the visual system is working correctly you can sustain clear, comfortable vision. 

If the visual system is not relaxed some of the symptoms you may experience include;

  • becoming tired easily, particularly late in day
  • sometimes distracted and not focusing on the task
  • may find school "boring" or  too difficult
  • often lose their place when reading
  • headaches and eyestrain
  • take longer to complete tasks than other children

So why don’t children complain? Children can’t compare their vision, they think it’s normal for them to see this way.

Some children will end up turning off or "suppressing" one eye to achieve more comfortable vision which becomes a problem with eye teaming.

At the close up distances required for reading, children with eye teaming problems are only able to aim their eyes together correctly for short periods of time. This inhibits their ability to concentrate and absorb information at school.

Eye teaming problems are easily treated. Through the use of glasses and vision therapy the eyes will function better allowing your child to achieve better concentration and results with close work.