What makes your eye twitch?

What makes your eye twitch?

A twitching eye is very common and usually occurs for people at some stage in their life. It doesn’t cause any pain however can be an annoyance for the individual. When your eye twitches, it usually indicates a muscle spasm and it can be very difficult to pinpoint what the specific cause might be.

Some causes of eye twitching include: alcohol, caffeine, smoking, bright lights and any irritation of the eyelids. Occasionally eyelid twitching can be a side effect of certain medications.

A twitching eyelid is usually completely harmless, and it often stops naturally after a short period. There are, however, certain circumstances in which it is important to come in and see us at Young Eyes. These include if;

  • The twitching persists consistently for over a week
  • The twitching causes an eyelid to completely close
  • Spasms appear to involve other facial muscles
  • Redness, swelling or eye discharge are also apparent
  • Your eyelid(s) begin to droop.

Our Optometrist will test for common signs that might indicate a brain or nerve disorder. In which case, you are likely to be referred to a neurologist or ophthalmologist.

That twitching eye of yours is most likely a harmless muscle spasm and is probably the result of triggers such as stress or fatigue. However, if the ‘twitch’ persists, come and see us at Young Eyes and we can advise whether referral for further assessment is required.

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