Optos Optomap®

Optos Optomap®

For those of our patients who have come in for an examination in the last few months you will have experienced the new wide field camera (Optos Optomap). The Optomap® system uses a wide field imaging system which allows Janine to examine the health of your eye into the margins of the retina. The camera is able to give exceptionally good images without requiring the use of dilating drops on the pupil.

Janine prefers an Optos image each time you visit Young Eyes. No two eyes are the same. We take images of your eyes and store them on our records which helps detect any changes occurring in your eyes in the years to come.

After we take the image we discuss any changes which we may find and the relevance to your overall eye health. Janine will show the image to you demonstrating that the eye is healthy or to track any changes that are occurring in your eyes.

We look forward to demonstrating the Optomap imaging system to you on your next visit to Young Eyes.

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