How to keep your winter eyes happy and healthy

How to keep your winter eyes happy and healthy

Wintertime can be tough on our bodies. Our skin dries out, we battle chapped lips and flaky scalps, and we’re often sniffling, coughing and spluttering on a daily basis.

The winter months are often much windier than the summer months and the air is also a lot colder. This affects the moisture levels in our eyes, leaving them dehydrated and feeling scratchy and sore. It further exposes our eyes to large amounts of dust and debris.

Foreign bodies in the eye are not only highly irritating, but they can cause serious damage to the eye if left untreated. One sore eye is always a cause for concern. It may indicate you have something embedded in the cornea or under the eyelid.

Here are some tips to protect your eyes during the winter months:
-    Use protective eye wear. During winter sunglasses work as a protective barrier against dust, dirt and the wind as well as ever present UV rays.
-    Keep artificial eye drops handy at all times. The outside air dries our eyes out; further extensive air conditioning and heating also drain our moisture levels. Good quality tear supplements in the form of drops or spray will help maintain moisture levels in the eye throughout the day.
-    Drink extra fluids. Getting enough water ensures your skin, eyes and organs all have the hydration they need to ward off nasty bugs and infections.
-    Watch your diet. Omega-3 aids in reducing the risk of dry eye and associated inflammation. Maintain a diet which includes at least two servings of tuna, salmon, sardines or herring each week as well as eating leafy green vegetables.

Regardless of the season or time of year, it always pays to look after your eyes. They need to last you a lifetime, so it never hurts to take extra care!

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