Dry, Scratchy Eyes?

Dry, Scratchy Eyes?

This is often caused by a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. One of the many new treatments is a Manuka honey drop or Gel. Do you suffer from stingy itchy eyes?

In Young, Janine estimates that up to 50 per cent of patients aged over 50 suffer from the debilitating ocular condition. While age has something to do with dry eye, there appears to be increasing incidence of dry eye due to office environmental stressors such as air conditioning and computer use. Those with dry eye, regardless of the underlying causes, often suffer more during allergy season. We occasionally see dry eye in young adults or even children.

Common symptoms of dry eye include; pain when blinking; gritty feeling inside the eyes; eye redness; irritation; and itchiness

If the condition persists over long periods it can lead to more serious discomfort with patients experiencing; stinging or burning sensation in the eyes; headaches; blurry vision and difficulty in seeing at night; incessant itchiness; and pain

Significant dry eye disease is a very complex condition. Most patients may require their own individual treatment plan. Because the condition is so variable from patient to patient, a one fit cure for every patient does not exist and probably never will.

Janine says “The good news is that most patients get to a level that they are comfortable. Unfortunately in most cases you will need to use therapy to supplement tears on a permanent basis. While most people can gain a significant degree of comfort with proper treatment; the symptoms will generally recur if treatment is not maintained.”

A new treatment which may be suitable for some dry eye patients is a drop containing Manuka honey. Initially these drops will sting but over time in some patients the cleansing effect will improve natural tear function. This is a nice treatment if it works as it cleans the eye without the use of antibiotic.

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