Choosing your child's glasses

Choosing your child's glasses
Choosing your child’s glasses
1. Go for durability.
Despite best efforts, glasses can often end up being dropped, scraped or forgotten at the bottom of the school bag. To avoid the need for untimely replacements, we recommend using lenses that have a scratch-resistant coating.  Look for frames with flexible arms which are more resistant to breaking. To save costly breakages, it is better to start with suitable frames for your child knowing that they will save you in the long run. 
2. Look for safety.
There are a few factors to consider when it comes to eye safety. Kids can often be at risk of physical eye injuries, so we recommend using lens that will not shatter and damage the eye.  Protection from UV and blue-violet light is another thing to consider. Not all prescription lenses offer a solution for this we always recommend UV protection, and, in some cases, we recommend blue-violet light blocking coatings.
3. Choose something versatile.
In general, the more your child wears their glasses the more they benefit. Glasses which tint (clear lenses that become tinted when exposed to light) can be a great solution for kids, because they are designed to be worn indoors and out.
4. Children’s glasses must fit well.
At Young Eyes, we will fit your child’s glasses for you, however it is important to recognise that the glasses are therapy for your child. The better they fit the better the result. When the frames fit well your child’s vision will often improve as the lens will sit correctly all day doing its work. Remember as your child grows it is important to update the size of their frames. Regular adjustments which Young Eyes provides on a complimentary basis are very important.
5. Involve your child in choosing a frame.
While appearance is important, it also should be noted if your child likes their glasses they’re more likely to wear them. We can help you select frames in the best interests of your child and include the other criteria like budget, safety, and fit, while allowing them to have a choice.

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