Already myopic? What are your options?

Already myopic? What are your options?

Already myopic? What are your options?

If you or your child are already myopic, our Optometrist may suggest one of the following to correct your vision and aim to prevent progression:

  • Single vision glasses

These glasses are great at correcting vision, however have a minimal impact on slowing myopia progression

  • Multifocal (progressive) glasses

Multifocal glasses correct your distance vision and can moderately slow myopia progression

  • Miyosmart lenses

This innovative new spectacle lens can significantly slow progression

  • Multifocal soft contact lenses

These can be great for correcting vision and can significantly slow progression

  • Orthokeratology (sleep lenses)

Specifically designed contact lenses correct your vision while you sleep, without having to wear lenses during the day. These can significantly slow myopia progression.

  • Atropine eye drops       

These specially formulated eye drops can significantly slow myopia progression, however glasses or contact lenses are also required to correct vision.

Our Optometrist can help you to decide the best and most practical option for you and your child.

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